Film Review: Familia

Film Review: Familia

The Swedish filmmaker Mikael Wistrom first met the Barrientos family over 30 years ago whilst working on another film in Peru. He remained in contact with them and so heard about the hardships and tough decisions that they were facing. Knowing that their situation represented that of many Peruvian families, he returned to tell their story.

Language: Spanish

Country of production: Sweden


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Do Small Things with Great Love

Do Small Things with Great Love

By Rambling Tart

Do Small Things with Great Love.

I found a magnet with this saying last week and have it on my fridge now to give me courage and purpose every day.

When I was little I had dreams of running an orphanage in Romania. A big, beautiful orphanage with lots of grass and trees for children to play in, and the dearest, kindest, lovingest people running it so that every child would feel…

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A Hankering to Travel

A Hankering to Travel

By Rambling Tart

It has been storming gloriously through the night and my formerly parched world is now soggy and muddy and marvelous.

This week I’ve been drawn over and over again to photos from past trips, my recent bout of pain diminishing as I linger over beautiful images of amazing places. It has been deeply satisfying and inspiring, so I thought I’d take you with me today on a hopscotch…

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Happy Trails: Find Relaxing Routes in Noosa

Happy Trails: Find Relaxing Routes in Noosa

By Rambling Tart

I’m delighted to host my first Australian guest post today, featuring the beauties of Noosa, New South Wales and sponsored by Travel Online.

A view of Coogee Beach on a clear day from Dolphin Point by Mynameisben123

Noosa is renowned as a scenic holiday hotspot and whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or weeks, there’s more to relaxing here than parking your bum on the beach. Whether you enjoy staying active while on holidays or just want to…

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